Saturday, February 25, 2012

White Golden Morning

This morning I woke up and I knew it, I was running late for work and when I should have been running to the bathroom to get ready and leave quickly I said the heck with it and ran to the front door; I threw on my boots, grabbed my camera and headed outside to a snow covered world. This is the golden hour everyone is always talking about I thought to myself or at least what I have been talking about for the last couple of weeks. I was running around like the energizer bunny pointing and shooting my camera like a madwomen in an olympic shooting event because everywhere I looked a photo needed to be taken. The sunlight glistening through the trees cascading an ambient of shadows. I had to stop and pause for a moment because I was already to excited and I needed to capture this masterpiece that I set out to do. Running across the field to capture another image I caught a glimpse of I stumbled into the snow, laughing at such ridiculousness I had caused but luckily saving my camera. I made a choice this morning, work or work of art and I am proud of the choice I just so happen to make.