Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Almond Flour Pancakes

A very proud moment for me this morning. I have made the switch; I am slowly moving away from the Auto settings on my camera (Canon EOS Rebel T2i) to the Manual mode and I have never been more pleased with the results. This morning was overcast and rainy; in the past while taking photos using the Auto settings the automatic flash would pop up because there was not enough light causing the camera to shake while I was taking the pic which resulted in more blur.I have purchased a few photography books and have been familiarizing myself with the available settings on my camera: ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. I am learning. I love to work with the natural light, now that I know how to do it. With these photos, I increased the ISO to the top setting of 6400 allowing the most light to hit my camera's sensor. I used the lowest aperture setting on my camera to create a shallow depth of field and I used 1/400 sec for the shutter speed to give me what I thought was a good exposure. 


  1. Nice photos, make me want to try the pancakes. I think the first photo looks sharper, and the berries in the bg are the perfect detail. The light looks great, much nicer without the flask like you said. Only thing I am left wanting is maybe a sliced strawberry for some color! BTW how were they? I just found a recipe for almond meal pancakes and was going to try it out!

  2. Geneva they were awesome I actually like them better than regular flour pancakes they have more flavor. The recipe I used was here: http://www.elanaspantry.com/silver-dollar-pancakes/
    Try to find blanched almond flour if the meal doesn't work good the flour tends to work better. I tried making chocolate chip cookies with the almond meal and they didn't turn out good at all but they did with the flour. I ordered some off line but you can prob get some at Whole foods. Happy Cooking. :) Hopefully I'll see you soon.